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'84 5KS Bronc TAMED!

First, thanks to the listers for their suggestions on how to
resolve the bucking problem on the 5KS. Closest suggestion
was the one about checking the throttle plate at fuel distributor.

After an eventful "routine" change of the timing belt and
components on the V8Q (don't ask, I may post later, don't
even want to think about it now) I decided to tear into the
5KS and find the damn problem. While rechecking the vacuum
lines and electrical connectors near the ISV, I leaned hard
on the Rubber Air Duct Boot that covers the Air Flow Sensor,
and the idle changed. YES! By pulling up on the air cleaner
housing/fuel distributor assembly the idle would vary.
Looked the boot over, and it looked perfect, took it off, and
upon closer inspection it had a 4 or 5 inch tear on the bottom
running parallel to hose clamp.

Quickly removed (yanked with adrenaline stupor actually) the
boot off the donor 5KS, installed on my car and YES!, the
problem disappeared.  The only difference between the boot
on the '85 5KS Automatic (donor) and the '84 5KS Manual is
that the back orofice of the Automatic has a plug in it and
the manual has a hose. (Is this a transmission trait, or did
some piece of equipment get deleted on the '85 model?)

The Audi gods are either a merciful or a sadistic lot.
"Everytime I want to get out they just drag me back in"
I'm convinced Michael Corleone was talking about the Audi
gods. Now I'm ready to confront the V8Q demons next week.


... What do you mean? You actually read this tagline?!?
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