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RE: Starting

Ron wrote:

> To Qlisters,
>      I think I did something very dopey last night!  I changed plugs,
> cap, rotor, etc... on the 4KS but I put cap on backwards and mixed up
> the wires.  When I tried to start it, everything went dark!  This am
> the clock & radio had power but it would not turn over.  Tow guy moved
> wires around and got it started and towed to Shade Tree Auto (they did
> brake work for me before).  Aside from my being incompetent, does
> anyone have any comments, etc...?  Also hoping Mime junk doesn't show
> up!
> I bet you could't cause any problems by incorrectly connecting the
> wires (apart from your car not willing to start, of course :-) If you
> know the firing order of cylinders (I don't remember it now) then
> there are only 5 combinations to try. If your battery went dead
> quickly (and this is your problem, as I understand) then something
> else must have caused that.