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RE: Problems with 86 5KTQ

Jim wrote:

> I would appreciate any help with the following problems:
> 1.  Water and fogging in one headlight.
> I don't have BTDT on US-spec headlight, but water usually leaks
> between the lens and housing. Remove the headlight, test it in the
> bathroom :-) Apply some kind of sealing compound when you find the
> leak.
> 2.  Rear control arm bushings need replacement and cause clunking.  I
> replaced tie rod already.  	Estimate for bushings was very
> expensive.  Any
> suggestions on a cheaper fix or if I need to do it 	at all.
> Yes, if you are serious about your car you need to do it. If they're
> clunking, they're seriously worn. Check the parts vendors list on the
> lists's web page. Bushings aren't very expensive in general.
> 3.  Rear brake calipers are problematic.  I took off caliper to
> inspect
> pads that are in need of replacement.  After re-assembly the pads rub
> on
> the rotor and do not allow it to rotate freely.  It also makes lots of
> noise.  Suggestions until I can replace pads and I may still have same
> problem since new pads will be much thicker.
> Well, I guess that _slight_ rubbing is failry normal. Let someone
> correct me if I'm wrong. Otherwise you are in need of a caliper
> rebuild.
> 4.  I need to replace right front control arm due to a bad ball joint.
> Any
> pointers and level of difficulty.
> Never done it myself, but looks pretty straightforward. Check the
> rubber boot on the other control arm, if it's worn it causes the
> grease to leak out... you know what happens. Also consider replacing
> the bushings while you are already there.
> 5.  Radio shorts or cuts out periodically and them will come back on.
> Any
> ideas if I should research head unit, speakers, antennae or amp.
> Does it cut out only when receiving the radio or also when playing the
> tape? In first case the antennae wire is at suspect. If it fails also
> while playing the tape, you should check the wiring to the head unit
> first. Move/shake all the plugs while radio is on. The amp powers only
> rear speakers on these cars.
> 6.  ABS line in rear is completely severed.  Did not look at front but
> does not seem to be working when I brake.  Cost of fix?  Do-it
> youreself
> job possible?
> There should be ABS warning light on the instrument panel. It should
> light up after switching the ignition on and go out soon after you
> start driving. If it operates as described yet the ABS seems to be
> inoperative that the stripped line you spotted is probably the cause.
> Same goes if the warning light stays on all the time (it only means
> the ABS computer has registered the fault). If you can't get the
> warning light illuminate, that I bet someone pulled the bulb to hide
> the problem. 
> Aleksander Mierzwa
> mailto:alex@matrix.com.pl
> 87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
> 88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
> 91 mountain bike (just in case both cars broke at the same time :-)