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Re: There is Bentley, then there is Bentley part Dux

In a message dated 97-09-13 02:22:32 EDT, you write:

<< >The Bentley manual for the 86-88 5000TQ that I had was screwed up as far
 >the idle adjustment procedure. My later 89-91 200TQ Bentley manual which
 >covers the early single knock sensor MC engine that is in the 86-88 5000TQ
 >cars shows the correct idle adjustment procedure. [ ... ]
 Absolutely true. I went to my favorite local _independent_ garage and copied
 the appropriate pages from their set of Bentley manuals for the 200. Now I
 understand what Phil meant, etc. All MC engine owners should take note.
 Thanks Scott M. >>
Tidbit # 2 for you clutch types in "McBentley"

30.8   016 All Wheel Drive:
*  Shows hex bolt torque PP to FW specs of 55 ft/lbs with shoulder 74ft/lbs
*  Further on this page shows torque spec of FW attaching @ 18ft/lbs

The following should be the CORRECTION:
One can reference 30.2   5spd 016:
*  Shows hex bolt torque specs PP to FW of 18 ft/lbs
*  FW attaching bolts should read 55ft/lbs with shoulder 74ft/lbs without

Mark up your Bentleys gentlemen, this is a major NO NO.  Only one thing worse
than doing a Quattro Clutch once that I can think of...  Thankfully,
"reasonableness of torque" thinking prevented a btdt on this one.


'87 5ktqwRS2
'84 Urq