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Sport Seats and stuff

I found the right side bolster is a discontinued number, BUT the 90-94 V8
sport seat carries the same number with an 'A' designation behind it. It is
available and the price (via Linda) is two bucks more. So:
Left side: 447 881 377
Right side: 447 881 378A
Center: 447 881 375

For those of you with sagging bolsters (that's as far as I'll go outa
respect for Unka Bart), the construction of the bolsters is a mesh that
rides on top of the support tube on the seat base. This is how it holds its
shape. What happens is the mesh eventually tears and the tube wears through
the foam pad.

I also had a good talk with Vonda at Puma and ordered my Euro lens (49.00 +
6.00 shipping). She said she'ld be willing to talk a group order on them 4k
We talked about spare internal parts - she said they occasionally get
shipping damaged lights in and would be willing to part them out.

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