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5K timing belt avail.

Hello everyone,

I replaced my water pump yesterday and everything that could wrong did.
I also replaced the front crankshaft oil seal.  I would have replaced
the timing belt also,  but the one that I had bought is too long.  I
ended up removing and reinstalling that main pulley with the mondo torque
bolt twice.

Since I had bought the "new" timing belt several years ago, I see no point
in trying to return it.  It only cost $11.00 then.  I will give it to the
first person who replies to me by e-mail (don't reply to the list, save BW)
and can come by and get it (I am on 495 northwest of Boston MA) or who can
send a few bucks for me to mail it.

It has a tag on it that says "TIMING BELT, 5000, 5000 TURBO" It was made
by CRP Automotive in Brazil P/N B-064.  I had originally purchased it
from Imparts.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe