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A special thanks from PAT MARTIN

I would sincerely like to thank Joe Rae and Sean Upchurch for helping
this weekend.  They both provide much needed slave labor to the project
an also took the required shit without complaining(too much).  We got
the engine out this weekend and split the transmission, cut out the
battery tray, removed the interior, cleaned all the major parts, and
many other things which without them would have taken 1/2 as long, just
kidding twice as long. We also would like to thank Al Swakhammer, Orin
Eman, and many other listers who have lent there support.  We hope to
have the engine in by next weekend and start the tedious wiring procces
 I have also been in contact with the Bennet brothers in California and
only have good things to say about them. They have been helpfull in many
aspects and I did not feel at all like I was intruding after talking to
them 2 times for at least 1/2 hr each time.  I would highly reccomend
them for someone who wants a turbo conversion done at a reasonable

We will keep you all posted on the progress and I will post a full list
of things that need to get done as well as the costs involved.

And also a VERY special thanks to ADAM DICKERHOFF after all it is the
thought that counts. YA RIGHT.
Pat Martin
86 4kq Turbo conversion in procces
82 Chebby conversion van, tired but runs
94 Subaru Legacy(not allowed in Petes driveway)
86 5kt half car.  If you push it, it will move.