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RE: Re: Sagging visors: one fix

>...... BTW, may I substitute the Molsens for a Lighthouse 

>Mike Veglia
>87 5kcstq

By all means, Mike, however you may need more in volume. I got 
onto these Canadian "Strong Beers" (>7% alcohol content) by 
finally heeding my wife's requests to stop in at the Duty Free 
Shop on the Canadian-NYS border, on our way home from a Niagra 
Falls vacation. (Original intent was reimbursement for the Gifts 
and Services Tax.) Each adult is allowed to bring back one case 
of beer, after two days stay. And dammit, I/we deserved it after 
two days cooped up with the kids. "Milk of Human Kindness," I 
call it (see the Albert Finney "Scrooge" movie). MANDATORY AUDI 
CONTENT: we were driving our Audi. 

Frank M.
'89 100Q
'88 Mazda 323 GTX