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Want springs


I wanna try something.   Who out there has put Eibachs, H&Rs whatever in a
'86-90 10v 5000tq?   I don't believe there has been any changes that would
affect the actual spring length or rate in that span of years has there? 
Mine is an '88

Show of hands?  OK.   Anybody want to send me one front and one rear

 I want one each of your STOCK springs.   I'll pay shipping.

I've been wanting to try a US spring winder to cut costs and prices of
shipping etc on my Xr springs only as long as the quality is there.

So I have someone in mind.  I'm considering getting a stock height, well
maybe 1/2" lower but HD set of 5ktq springs made.  How much firmer? 
Undecided.  NOT race springs but a tad firmer.  Enough to cut out the
float.  I like the low speed dampening on broken pavement of my Konis.  I
don't like trying to get them to support the weight of the car.  They can't
and that isn't their job anyway.  The Konis suck on busted pavement and
frost heaves maxed out.

First I need donor springs to get a baseline.

Anybody?   E-mail or 203-847-5118.  After Oct 1st  203-854-5204

>From the 23rd to the 28th I'll be unsubed.  I'm goin' to the Bonneville
Salt Flats to crew on a 200+mph Merkur.  Going for a 211or more average.  
YeeeeHa.  He's gonna do it.