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RE: Lubricant for sunroof

>Now that I have my electrical problems fixed (just needed a new battery), 
>I've started looking at the other stuff that makes me go "hmmmmm". (Doesn't 
>everyone do that after an unexpected repair?)  Anyways, I've noticed that 
>my sunroof motor seems to be struggling to close the roof when it's fully 
>open.  I don't think the motor is dying, since it closes the venting panel 
>in the roof rather quickly.
>Do you folks have a good recommendation for lube to slicken(?) up the track 
>on the roof?
> Charles S. D. Bryant
> bryant@gmpvt.com
> 802.660.5566
> 802.865.9974 (Fax)

Someone a couple of weeks ago mentioned a bicycle lubricant named "White
Lightning Chain Lube".

Dan Cooke

'86 4kcsq
'90 90Q20V