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Free '90 100 owner's manual...and a good source for used 100 parts

Hey Qlisters,
     I have a 1990 100/100 Quattro owner's manual for anyone who wants it.  I
was at the junkyard on Saturday with Dave Head who was showing me a wrecked
'90 100 (front end collision) that has a lot of good parts on it.  And there
on the floor was the owner's manual, and I immediately thought that I would
grab it for a fellow Qlister rather than let it rot in the junkyard.  The guy
let me have it for free since I was buying some other parts (I bought the
coin holder from it to put in my CQ).
      The owner's manual has some water damage to it, but it is in good
condition overall.  The car also has good seats, interior and is pretty
complete for anyone who may need parts off of it.  I will be going back to
the car on Saturday to buy the driver's seat (I will be making a desk chair
out of it), so if you are in need of something, let me know.

A free owner's manual is another reason why we shouldn't mind paying a fee to
be on Dan's list!  Most of the parts that I clear out of my garage I give
away to Qlisters for free or a nominal charge.  I'm sending Ian Duff and Bob
D'Amato free microfiche readers that I came across and I'm giving Darin
Nederoff an extra wheel I had sitting in my garage.  We are a pretty close
bunch, and should treat each other likewise, just think of the $ we have all
saved in parts and time due to the list.

       /\        _I         Christian J. Long and Breeze Heller (better half)
     /    \ I_I I_I I       Orlando, Florida, USA
                            University of Central Florida Alumni 1994
'90 Coupe Q       K&N cone, BBS rims, TAP chip, tag:QUATRO-1
'96 BMW 318ti    no mods yet....