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Re: What's Hoppening

David Head wrote:

> ...and they despise each other...
> You know, the only one that seems never to be in serious controversy 
> is the 'non racer' Audi tuner most of us consider the best - our own 
> Ned.

I have to echo that.  I talked to him at length on the phone about two
weeks ago about my dad's engine computer and he's just about the most
unpretentious 'car fanatic' I've ever met.  Even though he probably knows
a lot more than you do, he really listens before he talks.  

Reading 'Critical Path' by R. Buckminster Fuller the other day, there's a
passage where he's talking about the early years of the car biz and
writes something like:

"...there were approximately 125 car companies all run by colorful
characters and race-car drivers..."   Well, they may not be manufacturing
their own cars anymore from scratch, but the colorful characters are still
with us!

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ