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Two quick topics

Regarding Bentley errors, and sort of ties into Phil Payne's "Audi On-line
tech service":

I suggested a while ago that errors to the Bentley be collected and posted
in an "Audi Errata Site".  I also posted directly to Bentley Pubs that they
perform this service on their web-site.  In the intro to their books they
make their disclaimer, but welcome any corrections.  If they are willing to
accept them, then why not disseminate them?  A few more posts to Bentley
along these lines might help.  Does AllData support after purchase updates?

Next:  someone pointed out that during a timing belt change, they
discovered the replacement belt was the incorrect size.  In my timing belt
change, my assistant started marking my belt with chalk.  When I asked him
why, he showed that he was counting teeth on the belt.  It's not just the
length of the belt but the number of teeth, too.  As they say in Germany
"Sicher ist sicher".

Joe Yakubik