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WTB: 200q budget autocross car parts...

Yep, I've decided to park the Ur-Q for next season (which actually started
this past weekend ... one of the perks of living in the desert!) and compete
with my 200q instead.  In a way, it's a shame since the car has been pretty
competitive locally -- don't forget that the guys I've been running against
this year (and have beaten on more than one occasion) finished 1st and 2nd
at the National Championships last week! -- but I've decided I enjoy
tinkering with cars as much as driving them and there's only so much of that
I can do if it stays in a Stock class.  Moving to Street Prepared is
tempting but there's NO way it will be competitive so there's no percentage
in that, either.  Besides, it will give me a chance to spend a bit of time
putting it back into mint condition (or at least mint-minus!), something
that's difficult to do when you're driving it every other weekend.

The other reason is that my funds are limited at the moment and since I have
to spend some money on my 200q anyway, I'm hoping to kill two birds with one
stone by carefully picking my replacement parts.  If you have some used
performance parts for a 200q -- shocks & struts, springs, a/r bars, you name
it -- available, I'm potentially interested in buying them ... let me know.
In a perfect world, I'd roll my own stuff but since I've promised my
girlfriend that I won't spend any more money on my cars except for "normal
maintenance and repairs" until we've bought a bigger (3 bedroom/3-car
garage) house together, I'll have to make do with the best of what I can
scrounge until then ... <sigh>.  (Damn ... when did I become so responsible?!)  

My home number is (602) 860-2729, my girlfriend's number is (602) 657-2087
and work is (602) 222-4771 ... I usually can be reached at one of above; if
not, leave a message and I'll call you back ASAP.

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