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Re: 4 sale: Lancia Delta Integrale

ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV wrote:
> Just posted  to Ben Bradley's rally page
> 1990 Lancia Delta Integrale - 16V
> All Engine Updates, Grey Matallic,
> Recaro Interior, located in Texas
> $19k  Serious Offers only please
> (713)-977-6964
> Bedard1@aol.com
> My interest in this car is limited to the
> fact that I want some I know to buy it
> so I can get a ride in one.
> paul timmerman

Hi Paul
If you want a ride come to any SCCA PRORALLY eastern event and meet 
Mark Everet. He helps to organise and run most of them. He owns one.
It had a face lift in the same shop that created my rally car. In fact 
for a while they sat side by side with engines out, my 1990 Celica GT4
and his Integralle, the grat ledgends of GrA rally. May be he wiil take 
you for a ride in his. I was very impressed with engineering and 
disapointed with construction quality. If you come to Main winter rally 
I will inroduce you to  him.

Mike Z