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Re: mechanics stumped

Greg Woodard wrote:
> I really need help with this one.
> 1987 1.8 4cyl.
> My son can start the car in the morning and drive it to school (15
> miles)- no problem.  Start it after school and and drive it to work
> (15 miles)- no problem.  Start it 2 hours later and drive it home- no
> problem.
> But if he drives around town, stop and go driving, lets it idle for a
> few minutes.  It will start to miss.  He can limp it home, but it
> takes over 1/8 of a tank of gas (14miles).   You can smell raw gas
> almost running out of the exhaust.  The plugs will be completely
> black.  If we clean the plugs and leave it sit overnight, he can
> drive to school- no problem.
> We have replaced nearly everything with known good (ie borrowed from
> my 1.8).  I'm stumped, my sons stumped and several mechanics are
> stumped.  The car is getting really close to the crusher, would be
> now except that my son really likes the car.
> Greg
> gwoodard@ndsuext.nodak.edu
	Please check or replace the coolant temp sensor or the o2 sensor