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Bomb problems

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     >This does not sound like a failing bomb simply because the bomb 
     >itself consists of 1 part. It is a rubber bladder pressurized to 
     >57bar. I would think that it either works, or it does not.
     This is what I thought, so I didn't understand how this could be an 
     intermittent problem.
     >Does your bomb hold pressure overnight?
     Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.  Ratio is about 50:50 today.
     >When you turn the engine on in the morning is the brake warning light 
     >on(E-brake not applied)? The bomb should hold the pressure overnight.
     Yes, the brake light stays on for 15-30 seconds after releasing the 
     e-brake.  This only happens after the car has sit for a few hours.  
     But my car (92 S4) has done this for 3 years since I bought it.  
     Everytime I took it to the dealer for warranty service, I complained 
     about this and they told me that all S4s do this and there is no fix.  
     Other S4 owners that I have talked to confirm this.
     My theory is that the pressure is somehow leaking through the booster 
     unit mounted between the master cylinder and the firewall.  Does this 
     sound plausible?
     Jim Warren