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re: stainless/teflon flex brake lines

you wrote:

<<Sorry, if this has been brought up before, but does anybody know where I
can order a set of stainless brake lines for my 4kq for a good price?
I'm trying to have my suspension and brakes all done on the car by this
- -mark nelson>>

Mark:  A couple years ago I got a set from GPR (German Parts and
Restoration). My understanding is they sell two types: with and without some
form of certification that they are good for road use.  Look in European Car
magazine, too: several places state they sell the stainless lines.

I've read somewhere that the stainless/teflon don't flex as well as rubber
during suspension travel, and may wear through over time.  True/false?  Are
the stainless wrapped teflon always better than OEM?  What benefit beside a
slightly stiffer pedal due to less expansion than the rubber lines?

Chris Miller, Windham, NH  '91 200q, c1j1miller@aol.com