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Re: front speakers on 4kcsq

On 09/17/97 14:24:45 you wrote:
>Anybody installed front speakers on a 4kcsq. My 87' front speakers are
>in bad shape, bought new ones, went to Best Buy and the guy said he
>could not do it. I have searched the archives but could not find a
>installation tip. How do they come out? IS there a trick, does the whole
>dashboard needs to be pulled out.
>Saqib Mausoof
>87 4kcsq

Don't even try unless you're prepared to invest some time.  

They are attached by two screws from the bottom which means that although the entire dash doesn't have to come out, the glovebox and drivers side storage 
shelf do, as well as the two ducts for the side vents.  And then when you get them out, you'll find they are in custom enclosures.  I suppose it's 
possible to get a spare set and put them straight in and then see if you can cut up the old ones and figure out a way to graft a new pair of 3.5's in 
there.  I left the originals in.  The rear deck is much easier to work on.  I found that a pair of 5x7's fit in just by cutting slightly larger holes in 
the fiberboard.  I have to adjust the fader to favour the back, but at least I can hear the radio with the windows down and the sunroof open :-)