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Audi braking (not breaking)

Let's also not forget that Audis are not really "performance" sedans, in
the traditional sense.  They have a more compliant ride than a BMW, slower
acceleration and worse skidpad numbers.  They also are heavier with the
quattro drive.  These are essentially European sedans on the highish-side
of the mid-range, with great attention to technical detail.  I am very
partial to my A4, and am looking forward to getting an A6 or S6 in a few
years, but these really are more like Acuras/Lexuses improved for snow/ice
than they are like BMWs in handling.


>From: quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
>In message <199709171326.HAA17784@rmi.net> Ralph Poplawsky writes:
>> ... he went looking in the test results summary and came up with the
>> fact that the tested Audis had long braking distances compared to other
>> performance sedans.  I told him it is probably because AoA saves money by
>> putting sh---y tires on the cars. Is that the reason, or is something else
>> going on?
>I've always regarded stock Audi brakes as not especially brilliant.  I
>certainly wouldn't dream of seriously upping the power without doing
>about braking.
>When the first A4 arrived at BR Motorsport, the engineers test drove it
and all
>commented that Audi had 'finally done something' about braking performance.