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Re: Fuel pump failures...

>Here in CA we have been on this RFGII oxygenated (and more...gag) fuel for a
>while now. When introduced it was being blamed for massive failures, engine
>fires, really poor fuel economy, etc. yet there was no substantial data to
>support these claims. I was very paranoid and the only thing I have noticed
>has been a dramatic loss in fuel economy. No unusual fuel system failures
>have resulted on any cars I own or anyone's cars I know of personaly.

This seems to be the consensus of both the public and private responses I've
read ... guess Bosch QC isn't as good as it used to be.  :^(

BTW, it's my experience that the oxygenated fuel cuts my mileage by about
15%, far more than it's supposed to according to all the promo literature
(okay, propaganda) that I've read about it.  My 200q gets at best 19mpg in
the city and typically hovers around 17-18mpg; 22-23mpg on the highway is
typical as well.  My Ur-q covers about 340 miles per tank in town, which
works out to about 17mpg, and about 400 miles per tank on the highway ... of
course, with our 75mph speed limits and wide, straight, flat roads, I DO
tend to cruise at fairly high rates of speed.  :^)

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