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Re: V8 Timing belt job

I've done it 2X now.  My 90 just turned 144K mi.  Did it at 80K and 140K.
How hard it is depends on what you call hard.  You have to remove the
harmonic balancer which requires special tools that some of us have or can
get.  Mine is a 6 foot long pair of wrenches.  Radiator hoses come off.
Alternator gets partially removed.  One engine mount removed.  Serpentine
belt comes off (? replaced.)  Front covers come off.  Don't look for the
timing settings, just mark the cam sprockets covers where the marks are on
the sprockets are when the harmonic balancer is at TDC and make sure they
are relocated back to that point when the new belt is on.  Took me about
8-10 hours with a lunch break.  There are a couple of measurements that you
need to check and you should inspect the idlers and water pump while you're
in there.  If you're not comfortable with the job suggest jobbing it out.
If you need tech info give me a call or e/mail me as I can probably help.

Jeffrey T. Myers wrote:

> Has anyone changed the t-belt themselves?
> Jeff

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