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Re: ANS and the future of

 -=> Quoting Jim Griffin <=-

 JG> I too would gladly pay for the list... JUST THE WAY IT IS NOW!! (i.e.
 JG> we don't  need no stinkin' changes!! IMHO)

     To keep it the way it is wouldn't cost anything. Just as Dan
     took the baton from the previous listmeister, there have been
     offers to transfer the list to other servers from several
     listmembers.  Hopefully Dan will continue as listmeister, if
     you've ever seen the behavior of some listowners, you'd think
     they just invaded Poland in the late '30s, or behave like
     that kid we all knew who would take his football home half
     way through a game because it was his ball and we weren't
     playing his way. This and the Mercedes list are the only
     two that I've seen who have figured out that you only have
     to step in occasionally, when things seem like they'll go
     on forever.
 JG> subscribed? Why do you spend xxx amount of t ime EACH day reading
 JG> through 100 or more messages a day? If it is THAT bad that it is not
 JG> worth paying for... why not spend your time on something else? 

     It's worth it now, because of the fluidity of the list, and
     the high turnover of listers, many contributers and longtime
     listers wouldn't have given it a second look if there was a
     fee involved. Without this turnover, and those who sporatically
     drop in, would this list be worth it?

 JG> And just sit down... and think.... imagine... real hard... what life
 JG> would be l ike without the list. Kinda' scarey, eh? Talk about
 JG> WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS... ther e'd be a feeling of deep mourning... like

     This isn't an "either or proposition", the list can continue, as it
     is, with no fee. Only at a different location. This attachment
     to the list is a bit extreme though.....expressing such emotions
     for a mailing list isn't right, now extending them to your
     Audi, that's another story...  ;-)


... We now return to our regularly scheduled flame-throwing.
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