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Air bags (marginal Audi content)

In message <34212E18.383A@philly.infi.net> "Shaun D. Mullen" writes:

> A U.S. Senate committee has unanimously voted to approve a provision
> that would effectively encourage automakers to design airbacks mainly
> for people who wear seat belts, not for those who don't buckle up.

I wouldn't have thought anyone needed telling.
There were four people in Princess Diana's car - only one was buckled up.

Guess which one is walking round his hospital room this morning? 

The other three got planted.  Brutal, I know, but those are the facts.  
Diana's own personal stupidity deprived her children of the mother she always 
said she was dedicated to being.

I rolled a Ford Granada end-over-end - I walked away because I was wearing a 
seat belt. An airbag would have deployed on the first of my eight impacts with 
the ground, and would have been ****-all use for the other seven.

Air-bags (at least the classic 'in your face' variety - I have some time for 
the side impact implementation) are a distraction from what should be our 
highest priority - convincing people of the reason to buckle up.
Whether they do or not - another question.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club