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Re: front speakers on 4kcsq


A couple comments on the speakers.

Yes, you do need pretty small hands to get in from the vent-grills.

No, you don't have to remove any panels or duct-work.  A small angled
mechanics pick can be maneuvered around the outside of the grill enough
to depress the retaining tabs.  Its not too hard, and it doesn't mar the
finish on either the dash or the grill.

Now, here's a question instead of an answer.  I looked at the factory wires
(green) at the speaker end, but absolutely can NOT find where they come out
at the head-unit/dash end.  Anyone know what color they are or where they're

I hope to work on grafting some JBL true two-element drivers into the grill
bracket assembly this weekend and will post anything I might learn.

Oh yeah, when installing any front speakers up there, you'd do well (especially
if you have rear speakers to help supply the bass frequencies) to install a
small crossover, or at least bass-blocking capacitors (any decent audio shop,
even a BestBuy, will have them) in line with those small front drivers.  They
can't reproduce any bass anyway, they can only be distored by them.  Just
a tip.  


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