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Re: Plug wire prices/Bilsteins

At 11:13 PM 09/17/97 -0400, Craig wrote:
>Sorry about my last post, asking about your wires. Did not get a chance to
>read your next post. BTW, I tried Pep Boys. I asked if the "on the shelf"
>wires were all that they carried. Their response was yes. Neither of the two
>guys behind the parts counter mentioned any way of special ordering them.

Hmmm... that's odd. Well, here is the info... you can go back in and surprise them. Tell them that another guy got them through them... and if they give you a hassle, talk to the manager. They DO have a program where they can get anything (well, just about everything...).


KoolWire spark plug wires, mfg'd by Borg-Warner (BWD)
Mfg # CH76107
Pep Boys sku # 8384106
Unit price $154.27 (for the set of six)

This was for my 1992 Audi 100S with the 2.8 V-6 (in case they ask...)

I ordered these on 01-11-97, and got them two-three days later. As I mentioned before, they are the real McCoys... with the OEM Beru connectors on the ends... with the Audi four ring logo.

Good luck.

>Also,a while back, you mentioned you purchased some Bilstein products from a
>place in Brookville, PA. What is the name of the place? I live about 1.5
>hours from Brookville, and am familiar with the area. Might want to take a
>ride up there and check them out. TIA.

Here is what I originally posted:

I ordered the Bilsteins through a place called Strano's. I had ordered the triple electrode spark plugs through them before... twice... at only $4.32 apiece (vs. $11.00 at the dealer). I decided to give them a call re: the Bilsteins. Here is the breakdown:

Front struts 2 @ $118.30 apiece = $236.60

Rear shocks 2 @ 97.00 apiece = $ 194.00

Shipping (from PA to MD) = $8.25

Total = $438.85

I guess I got a good deal??

Here is their address and phone #:

Strano's Foreign Car
68 White Street
Brookville, PA 15825
800-777-1831 / 814-849-3417

They are nice people... always courteous... and helpful... and I've never been disappointed. Of course, usual disclaimers etc... I have no financial interest or connection... just a satisfied customer...

Good luck.

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S