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Re: "Out of round" tires - noise like wheel bearing

jstaylor@ix.netcom.com (J S Taylor) wrote:

>Finally, I borrowed a pair of wheel/tires and confirmed that the
>problem was in the tire. The one bad tire was on my LF wheel & was the
>same model as the OEM tires (were they Eagles? I've tried to forget).
>It wasn't actually a roundness thing -- it had to do with cupping
>creating rough edges around the tires.

That's one of the reasons why I love Michelin tyres- not. My brother had
some MXVs on his Primera which still had 75% of their tread, but made an
appalling noise. The cause: cupping. The noise was so loud, you had to turn
the radio way up not to hear it. He ended up destroying the tyres in some
'non-competitive auto-x' ;-) and buying new ones. Michelin was not
considered as a replacement.

Continental tyres exhibit this trait quite often, too.


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