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Re: oxygenated fuel: was Fuel pump failures...

In a message dated 9/17/97 Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com> writes:

<<OK, as I mentioned before, I get about 15% less mpg in the winter
(Oct-Apr), which I have slowly come to realize is probably *mostly* due
to the reformulated gasoline.>>  

You reductions are very simular to mine and others here in CA I have spoken

<<Has anyone figured out a way to tune for it and get better economy?>>

Not that I am aware of...if anyone knows, please post it to the list!  

<<My coupe gets up into the mid 27's in the summer, I'm lucky to hit 23 in
the winter.  Translates to getting 350 versus 400-425 miles per tank.  A
real drag.>>

Count your blessings it's just winter for your area. Here in CA we are stuck
with this crap all the time now and pay more than anywhere in the US for the
"privalage" of using it. On a brighter note...the stuff really does seem to
help with urban air pollution so I'm not saying it is a bad thing so long as
it isn't destroying parts in older cars. 

<<Should I just buy a 500 gallon tank and store summer fuel for the winter

Be thankful you at least have that option...ugly as it may be. The purpose of
the stuff is (if I understand correctly-this is what CA said when it was
introduced as winter only fuel a few years ago) to reduce emmisions during
winter months wheninversion layors are lowest and trap the most pollution in
the atmosphere...but I'm no expert so ymmv ;-) 

I'm not as concered about fuel economy as I am about long-term
reliability...though if I were to see it (fuel mileage) go back and forth
seasonaly I would be iritated more I suppose. Always wondering...did the fuel
switch or do I have a problem now.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (seems to run fine on RFGII, let's hope it stays that way!)