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Re: front speakers on 4kcsq

Others have detailed the removal of the entire speaker mounting unit better 
than I could, based on memory.  The speaker itself is glued into place.  
You just have to break it out without destroying the speaker mounting unit. 
Likewise, the speaker grill is glued on, and you have to be very careful 
prying it off if you want to reuse the grill.  (Remove that useless black 
cloth underneath that blocks the sound.)  It may be possible to do all this 
without removing the mounting unit.  I removed it to remove the speaker, 
only to discover that it is glued.

You need to find a 4" speaker that fits and glue it into place.  I just 
placed the grills back into place.  They fit snugly enough to not need 
glueing.  Remove the now-loose grills before taking the car onto a track; a 
bumpy track could send them flying.  (BTDT)

There is a Pioneer 4" speaker specially designed for a Toyota which can be 
glued into place by just bending the bent portion back to be straight with 
the plane of the speaker.  I used this and installation was trivial, once 
you make it to that point.

Jack Rich