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Re: Air bags (marginal Audi content)

In a message dated 9/18/97 "Sean Ford" <sean@nwh.org> writes: 

<<I'd trade my ABS on/off switch for an Airbag on/off switch anyday!>>

Don't be too hasty to make that swap...the ABS on/off switch has long been
touted as a wonderful enthusiast's feature giving you the ability to disable
ABS in situations where no ABS will stop the car quicker...i.e. certain snow
and gravel conditions. I recall several road test reviewers of Audis
commenting on that and wishing all ABS equipped cars would offer that switch.
Air bag on/off switch? I can understand the need for that too but if there
were ever a chance of *my* child being in a front seat of an airbag equipped
car I would want to *know* it was permanently disabled...as in not there or
the child doesn't sit there. A sensitive subject with me as I have my ex-wife
under standing orders NEVER to allow our kids in the front seat of her air
bag equipped Jetta. So the only situation I would justify such a switch would
be for smaller adult passengers and drivers. No need to kick off another air
bag thread though...I'm still feeling the pain from flames the last time

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (NO airbags! Which to me is a feature just like that ABS switch.)