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Fw: Euro light Group purchase

Thanks to Bernie Strub there is another source that is quite promising.

I talked to  Eddie Delgado of WolfSport, in CA and he is adamant about
busting Pumas price. He has in stock 3 sets of the Bosch H4 lights for the
4k series cars. these are the ones EC reported on in their 4kq project a
couple of years ago.  He will sell these at "Around $300" US per set. 
Notice the word AROUND.  He also has lights for the 5000, 100 and 200 cars.
As an owner of an '85 Urq he can talk Audi.  For those of us who want the
H4/H1 he will order the Hella units for us at , there is that word again,
around $500 per set with brackets. Catch, about 2 months for delivery
unless he can sell at least 8 sets then Air shipment is a possibility. Also
with enough volume he will further discount to us.

He says Puma sells to him at about the same price they will sell to us. So
he does want to undercut their price.  Also the H4 & H1 units for the quad
headlight system are "around" 35-40 dollars.

His email is <eddied@jps.net>, or you can call him during California
business hours @ 1-800-342-8669.



> From: Bruce Bell <bbell@bbell.com>
> Euro lights availability.
> 1) Metrix 800 463-8749 Phillipe Sabot
> Metrix only carries Bosh in the large areo style for the '85-'87 4K
>  No price yet, I'll talk to him again on Thursday. He was too busy to
> at the moment.
> 2) Puma Paul. 800 333-7862 They answer the phone as "performance
> Carries Hella. the H4/H1 units list at $699 including bracket. He will
> these at $599 a set. He has lights in stock; however, he is still waiting
> for the brackets to arrive. 
> The Hella H4 unit is $379 per set.
> H4 and H1 lights for the quad headlight system on earlier 4k's are $42
> each.
> He doesn't have the 3M film to protect the lights though said he'd look
> into getting it. He does have the Hard lexan covers for the 4k at $49 per
> set.
> Disclaimers, no affiliation here though I did place an order at the above
> prices. I know from a previous post Bryan Gunn has used Puma with
> satisfactory results.
> If you order, ask for Paul mention the internet quattro list and these
> prices.
> Bruce Bell
> bbell@bbell.com