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Shifting the automatic - A6/100


Saw some scary post regarding Audi automatics. Are these things designed
to be shifted
manually? Does doing so reduce their life?

On my A6, if the car is moving, and I shift from 2 to 1, it shifts with
a loud clank. It doesn't happen when
the car is stopped. Not that I need to do this shift often, but I am
wondering if this is normal.
Can someone with the same car/transmission please tell me if yours do
the same?


Xudong Yan

95 A6 non-Q

PS. All this talk about putting Chevy V8s into an Audi got me thinking.
I heard in Japan
you have to replace your car in only a few years. So some of the used
engines end up here in the
US for sale. I found quite a few ads on "used Japanese engines for
cheap". I wonder 
what they do with the Nissan Skyline GTR drivetrain when it reached this
stage (if ever) ?