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Re: "Shorty" Ur-Quattro for sale... Alex K

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Mik Tip wrote:

> $92,ooo for a 'Sport Q'
> Offer the man $60,000.
> If its the same car I think it may be, thats what he paid for it!
> Not to mention it was wrecked, and has had the engine replaced!
> 		(if its the one I believe it to be)
>                                     Mik
The owner is Larry Vollum of Portland, Oregon.  He also has a white Sport
Q and 2 Escort Cosworth's.  He has brought the cars to PIR for the QCUSA
and NWAQC events.  He'll probably be there Nov. 1 for the QCUSA track
days.  He also has 2 959's in Germany I'm told.  He struck it rich in
software (not Microsoft) and he also teaches driving at PIR.

Nathan Belo
'88 90Q