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Airbags...now your call.


I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, but I believe there has been a
recent amendment to the airbag laws.  I believe it is now legal to change an
airbag equiped steering wheel with a non equipt one for no reason.  The
choice is now available to get that sweet aftermarket Momo 'wheels...The
only problem is that I hear shops are refusing to do the swaps due to
potential legal hassels and I'm a little gun shy about doing it on my own
('fraid of having it go off in my face).  Anyone out there made use of this
law yet?  Was it DYI or did a shop do it for you?

Audi content:  I'd like to swap out the airbag in the CQ for one of the late
model Sport wheels w/ airbag.  Is this just another way to needlessly throw
money at the car or what?

Riff out.

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