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RE: Glass Polish - Any Suggestions?

Thanks for the info, and excuse my ignorance but, what's a Novus?

Bob R.

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>From:	Nathan Belo [SMTP:belo@eskimo.com]
>Sent:	Thursday, September 18, 1997 8:17 PM
>To:	Rossato, Bob             HSD
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>Subject:	Re: Glass Polish - Any Suggestions?
>On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Rossato, Bob             HSD wrote:
>> I posted this a few weeks back but didn't get any responses.  Can anyone
>> suggest a good glass polish?  I have a very slight scratch from a wiper
>> blade slipping out of its arm.  I apologize for the lack of Audi
>> content.  Thanks.
>> Bob R.
>Novus has glass polish
>Nathan Belo
>'88 90Q