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power sunroof with no power

The power lead to my sunroof is dead. I can't discern where this line
goes after it travels into the headliner/A-pillar. My radar detector is
also wired into the sunroof switch.  I've done this on two other Audis
and never had a poroblem. It turns on and off automatically when you
start/stop the car. I've tested the switch and all the electricals up in
that area, and all check out okay. There is no power from the larger
gauge positive black wire that brings power up to the switch/motor. The
dome light works but it has a different power lead.

All the relays in the Bentley that deal with the sunroof are also
connected to the power windows, which are working fine. So what gives? I
have checked every fuse I can find and all are functional. Is there a
fuse hidden somewhere I haven't yet found? A separate relay?

Help much appreciated. I am at a dead end on my own, short of tearing
out the wiring. I sincerely doubt there is a break going up the
A-pillar, and there were no significant events which played a role in
this. I just started up the car the other day and voila; no roof/radar.

Thanks in advance!


91 200q
86 5ktq