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RE: Audi vs. Subaru

Hi Matt

Unfortunately, as with Audi, you aren't going to find any performance
versions of the Subaru in the US.  As much as Subey would like to
portray the 2.5RS as a "sports car", it's power is right in line with
the CQ.  Unfortunately you just can't get these high performance cars in
the states.

I would love to run a WRX in Pro Rally, but it's such a PITA to get it
legalized over here, it's just not worth it.  As far as reliability w/
Audis go, it seems the much older cars, like your Coupe GT, did seem to
be prone to several electrical gremlins.  From what I've seen, the '88
and newer cars do not seem to have all the problems that the older cars
did.  As much as some listers would hate to admit, Audis were major POS
(i.e. 100LS and early 5000's) in the late '70's and early '80's, and the
electrical gremlins survived into the mid '80's as well.

Just from how many cars I've seen in for repairs, and the types of
repairs these cars are in for, even with high miles on many of the late
model Audi's, the later ones just don't have all the problems of the
older cars (possibly with the exception of the 4kq).  Some of the new
cars seemed to introduce new problems (i.e. V8Q).


-mark nelson
'90 s2 (building for scca pro rally)
'85 4ktq (10vt transplant in the works)

<<Maybe I'm getting off target here, but my curiosity has been roused by
the Volvo vs. Audi thread. Living here in Japan the Subarus are VERY
popular, especially the Impreza WRX and the Legacy Touring Wagon  (both
280+ps). I'll be going back to the states in the spring and my heart
desires an Audi Quattro (poss. 200tq 20v) but some part of me seems to
hesitate. I have owned an Audi Coupe Gt and several VW GTI's. The VWs
have been great, the Audi lots of electrical problems. Fellow listers
seem to have enough negative things about Audi affordability (maint.) to
scare me away from them.  Well, now I have saved a good amount here and
I can buy the vehicles I want when I return. Still, I am seriuosly
intrigued by the Subaru offerings. Does anyone have any experiences to
share about performance, flavor, relative cost to own, etc. I yearn for
German, but the PIA factor maybe too high for me now. Subarus rally
success is convincing as well.

Thanks so much,