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Prop shaft c.v. boots needed

Hello in q-land,

           Well I'm hoping that someone has btdt with this particular
shaft. I'm having my prop shaft rebuilt (new carrier bearing and 
repack of the c.v.'s) and the shop needs new c.v. boots for the 
c.v. joints at both ends of the shaft. I have tried roughly 5 different
sources including the dealer with no luck. Note: these are not the
same as the inner/outer c.v. joints that drive the wheels. The current
boots have only a small hole in them but the shop tells me that once
that prop shaft starts spinning, all the grease will find its way out
through the holes(No kidding!)  So, has anyone else ever had to
replace these rare boots when they rebuilt their prop shaft? Any leads
or information of any kind would greatly be appreciated. TIA,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq-