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substitute hydraulic oil

I have here in front of me a quart oil container of SWEPCO 715
Steering/Hydraulic Oil, which my local furrin' auto parts store
dispensed to my wife as a "less expensive substitute" for the normal
bi-monthly liter of Pentosin she picks up for her 5ks (a pump, and
lately, a return hose drip).  Swepco:  Southwest Petroleum Corporation,
which the label locates in "Fort Worth Texas, Antwerp Belgium, and
Toronto Canada".

"Description:  SWEPCO 715 Power Steering/Hydraulic Oil is a high
performance oil designed to assure efficient, smooth operation of power
assisted steering and hydraulic systems."

The label goes on to proclaim:  "Contains Lubium(tm)...SWEPCO's special
anti-oxidation/anti-rust additive which prevents corrosion, oxidation
and wear.  Lubium(tm) is also a unique friction modifier that has been
shown to reduce power steering pump noise (squeal)."
"-Anti-foam protection assures smooth, even power transmission without
 -Prevents leakage/increases hydraulic hose life.
 -Meets requirements for power steering/hydraulic units in U.S. and
  Imported Autos (excluding Honda...Honda recommends only Honda fluids)."

Followed by standard cautionary boilerplate for children, eyes, skin,
and internal use which leads off with "Contains: Petroleum Oil."

She bought two for about $6-$7 each.  They are unopened, and will remain
so, sitting by the door on top of the receipt (needed for return), until
I get a spec sheet, or hear from the list that this won't f' up my rack
or other hydraulic gizmos.

Now this "pahts place" is where I frequently get replacement parts for
my Audis, and the two guys have seemed pretty knowlegable in the past,
but definitely not "rocket scientist" material.  In other words, not
good enough to take their word against the ruination of my rack seals!

What d'yall think?  --Gary   ('86's:5ks&5ktq+'87CGT all on Pentosin)

Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 06:31:29 =0700
From: "rringlie@isd.net" <rringlie@isd.net>
Subject: substitute hydraulic oil

This posting will probably anger the Audi gods, but here goes==
As a first time Audi owner about 9 years ago(5KT) I couldn't believe the
cost of the hydraulic oil for topping up the central hydraulic system.
At this point in time, I was helping a brother on a dairy farm, driving
large tractors with central hydraulic systems that ran trannys and
PTO's(power take offs).  Brother Ken would buy this fluid in 5 gallon
   I called a representative from Phillips Petro to see if he could
cross reference this Audi Part No G 002 000.  Lo and behold he gave me
these as compatible fluids:
         Ford spec #M6C34=A==I use this one (~$5.00 a US qt)
         CASE FBS
         Jaguar Hydraulic System Mineral Oil
         Mercedes part # 000 989 91 03=10 (I've also used this one)
         Toyota ATF=Type T 08886=00405

   My hydraulic system components are still all original(125K) and not
rebuilt; sure the rack leaks,especially in the summer months, but it did
before with the pricey stuff.  Maybe Pentosin has gotten cheap enough to
make this point mute. I haven't checked myself as I drive to my local
Ford farm equipment dealer and get the M6C34A.  Call a lubrication
specialist and check this out for yourself if you'd like.
Bob Ringlien
85 5kt
89 200