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glass polish 800 # bad

many apologies for posting to the list, but today I tried to call the
1-800 number given by a member of the list.  Unfortunately, thanks to
Apple, I've been without my powerbook for several days, and have been
dealing with feisty old elm(grrr), switching where my qlist mail
goes(very easy, yay Dan!) and other misc. emergencies, so I lost the
original email and promptly forgot who posted it.
Could the person who posted it, or someone else who knows, please give me
some more info?  When I called the number, I got the message that I was
not within the right calling area(whoa, no kidding, you mean Beloit, WI
isn't? :)

Thanks a bunch,

PS:all you boston listers have checked out the redbones trip, and reserved
a space if you wanted it, riiiiggghhht?
http://quattro.malebolge.com/redbones.html for more info and a list of
who's going/signed up.  Directions coming soon(promise.)