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Re: No Audi's coming to local dealer this month

> >Paul Nicholson said:
> >>What are you folks in other parts of the US seeing in Audi inventory?

I visited 2 dealers last night.  One had several A4s, a combination of
1.8T and 2.8 30v with and without sport suspension.  One was a
blue/titanium 30v 5 speed w/ sport package.  It had a few more options
(leather, all-weather) than I wanted so I opted to order one instead. 
Yahoo!  Looking at a December delivery, and I think that might be

I thought the dealer was reasonable on price considering how popular
these cars are right now.  In about 15 minutes we were at 3% over
invoice.  Rather than spend hours bickering over a couple hundred more,
I just took the deal and called it a night.

Mark Hilbush

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
        -- Albert Einstein