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Since this is dump on Shokan day, I might as well add my piece: Eight years
ago, when I was autocrossing an '81 4000, I wanted a larger front a/r and
bought one off a wrecked Ur-Q for an exhorbitant price (at that time, the
only other source I had for Audi parts was the local dealer, whose price was
even more exhorbitant still!).

Well, the bar they sent me turned out to be identical to the one on my 4k
except that the powder coat wasn't in quite as good condition.  After
politely explaining this to them and asking for them to ship me the correct
bar as well as give me credit for the return shipping cost, they refused,
claiming that the bar they sent me HAD to be the correct one because they
took it off the Ur-Q in their yard the same day I bought it so there was no
way they could have mixed them up.  After more back-and-forth discussion
(during which he tried to convince me that Audi shipped several different
size bars on the car!), it became clear he thought I was trying to scam them
and keep the genuine Ur-Q bar I'd paid a premium for while returning my
original 4k bar as one they'd sent in error ... in the end, the best he
would do was give me credit toward another purchase, but only if I paid for
the UPS shipping to return the bar.

I told him to shove it and pointed out that he's lucky their shop wasn't
within driving distance or that I'd do exactly that with the $#@%%^! a/r bar
... not surprisingly, he hung up on me.  Equally unsurprising, I've never
dealt with them since.

BTW, my dealings with Campbell-Nelson were at best mixed ... they also sent
me incomplete orders ("The price we quoted you didn't include all the
brackets and hardware.  Those are extra." -- yeah, sure) as well as a
valence panel for an '84 4kq that had nearly as much bondo in it as metal
but we were eventually able to resolve things to our mutual satisfaction.

Fortunately, my economic situation has improved to the point where I don't
have to deal with out-of-state yards any more ... what I haven't been able
to find locally (and in person!), the q-list has been able to provide for
me!  :^)

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