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Re: Euro light styles for the 4k, 4kq and coupe

In a message dated Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:20:09 -0400 Andrew said:

> I have the H1/H4 euro Hellas on my UrQ and they definitely
> have side marker lights. They are clear and could be fitted with
> orange marker bulbs. 

Hmmm, my sloped Hella H1/H4 lights (P/Ns 857 941 029 and 857 941 030)
definately do not have side marker lights.  In the position where you would
expect them is simply a chromed plastic piece with no provision for a bulb.
 Perhaps some of these lights had this panel swapped for a bulb holder on
some application, perhaps the Coupe GT.

Anybody else?

Steve Eiche
Englewood, CO
'82 Not So Ur q 3B to be (about to be disassembled)
'79 Triumph Spitfire (rebuilding suspension today)
'95 Pro Flex 855 (current transportation)