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Cooling fan fusing: need '91 200 tq P/N help

This pertains to the "Audi Bonfires" thread from
earlier in the summer.

Having seen the factory solution to protecting the wiring
in the event of a seized cooling fan motor in a '91 200tq,
I'm sold on this answer for my 5kcstq. It consists of
an inline fuse housing mounted on a bracket which
is fastened to the left wheel well sheet metal at one of
the coolant reservoir attachment points. The fan motor's
ground wire is fused. Very tidy.

The main fuse panel modification solution that has been
posted here is very elegant but may not be up to the
current draw of the heavier duty fan motors (500W)
on these cars. I'm guessing the fuse rating will turn
out to be something like 75 amps.

Could someone with a '91 200 parts fiche please take a
look at this arrangement and compile a parts list for
adding this fuse, fuse housing and mounting bracket?
I don't think we'll need wiring terminal P/Ns, standard
crimp-on terminals should work. Thanks very much.
I'll post a how-to summary after doing the conversion.

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq