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Re: SHOKAN, et. al.

My recent parts purchases have been from three places that I can put in a
good word for here:

Linda@Carlsen:  Found everything I needed, did the research to find correct
p/n's for parts that didn't originally come on my car (7-blade cooling fan),
got back to me quickly by phone and fax, prices were probably a little higher
than the absolute minimum but there was zero fuss involved, everything was
right, and Linda is a sweetie. Also she saves her notes so things don't get
confused.  Every time I call she sounds very busy and I can understand why.

Blaufergnugen:  Sourced my Dr. Seussian upper-radiator hose for my 5KCSTQ.
 Dealer price >$100 and would have to order.  Blau had it in stock for less
than half that. (BTW, what the heck do you do if one of these breaks
somewhere where there isn't an Audi dealer?  Act cool?) Found out they don't
normally ship COD but I faxed them a copy of the M.O. and they sent it right
out.  Hose is correct.  I almost got it for free as the UPS guy left it
without collecting the money (they forgot to put a COD indicator on the box,
how's that for low, low prices!)

German Parts and Restorations:  Spoke to Greg on the telephone.  He also
found the p/n for my aux. cool. pump relay and got it to me for a very good
price.  He only has a few of them left at this price ($48) and then his cost
on the next order is >$70 so get 'em while you can.  Greg was very helpful
and courteous and had a sense of humor about selling these relays so cheap.
 He knows about the Quattro list so mention it when you call.  Didn't try the
dealer but I wouldn't be surprised if this is another of Audi's $100+
electrical parts.  To be PC, I guess I'll call Greg a sweetie too.  Greg,
you're a sweetie, man.

I had one slight problem with Campbell-Nelson in the past but we got it
straightened out and the used parts I've gotten from them were in good shape
and worked fine.

Too bad about these Shokan stories.  Never called them.

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ with parts from everywhere.