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Re: Center section - HP/Torque gain or loss?

In a message dated 97-09-18 21:42:47 EDT, you write:

>1. Sound - Will it be too loud... and will I, the neighbors, and the local
>police hate it?
>2. HP/Torque - What will I gain... HP or Torque... or both? Will I lose
>torque at low RPMs? We all know that Audis don't have lots of low-down
>torque... so I don't want to LOSE any by doing this change. I vaguely
>remember that by reducing backpressure, you gain HP but lose torque (at low
>rpms... i.e from a standstill). Is that correct?
>TIA... feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hey Jim!

First off, Chris and Jill said hi (Quattro220, 5KSWagon and V8).  We talked a
lot about this at Limerock, and I think that for an everyday car, especially
befitting that of an Audi, removing the center section may be a bit too loud.
 But it all depends on what you can tolerate.  At the dyno, there was no gain
in hp or torque.  0.  The kid was pretty disapointed.  But that was a VR6.
 Different engine, but you get the idea.  On my GTi, We've run 2.25 engine
back, with a dynomax race muffler.  Loud?  Yes.  Fast?  Yes.  Too loud?
 Hmmm....most likely.  I worry a lot about waking neighbors, and police
usually do a double take (not sure if it's the stripes or the 4 inch tip yet.
 Perhaps it's the 2 inches off the ground front spoiler.....)  Unbearably
loud?  Not by any means, although trips of over 1 hr can cause serious
headaches....Basically, what it comes down to is what you can deal with
everyday.  You don't want to do something you'll regret.  You won't gain
power doing this, only sound, and noteriety.  I have done most of the things
I've done to the VW because no one else does them, and I like the way my car
is.  You'll never see another like it.  So what do you want?  BTW, hopefully
by the Rock next year, the GTi will be sporting a Paxton supercharged 2L audi
motor.  If all goes well. Estimated power in the 200hp/230 lbs.ft range, in a
2000 lb car!. Viva la Gti!  Talk to you soon, 

Carter J