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Shokan blows!! Kinda long

Well Hell since everyone is telling all about Shokan I might as well do the
I has some questions concerning some S4 stuff so I gave the dumbies at Shokan
a call..  I was at my place of employment at the time, the local Audi dealer
and keep in mind I had been working there for two years... Anyway I callled
Shokan and asked whoever the hell was on the Phone if he had any Audi 100
S4's.  He very unpolitely told me that I didn't know what the Hell I was
talking about because and I quote "The S4 is not an 100Q". Although they
share the same chassis and just about everything else except for the drive
train and suspension.   I told him the I was working in the parts department
at the local Audi dealer and that the S4 is listed on the 100 /wagon quattro
Fiche as being a 100Q with an "S4" option.  Not only did I see this but the
Parts guys at the Factory warehouse also said the same.. I guess the shokan
guy's ego was so bruised he that he had nothing more to say to me except some
choice words about certain parts of my anatomy and my intellegence level...
Non the less He hung up..  I can't see how those guys can make any money
hanging up on potential customers....