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Re: '91 200Q Problem - Wastegate Valve

Mike Miller wrote:
> I believe the culprit could be the Turbo Bypass Valve - not the WGFV. First
> thing I would check is the hose coming from the Intake Manifold (drivers
> side) under the heat shield (passenger side) to the Turbo Bypass Valve. This
> is famous for burning thru under the heat shield.
> mike miller
> 91 200q
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> From: Alan Breitman <abreitman@allaire.com>
> To: 'quattro@coimbra.ans.net' <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Date: Tuesday, September 16, 1997 12:40 PM
> Subject: '91 200Q Problem - Wastegate Valve
> My '91 200q will occasionally stall when decellerating or downshifting.  I
> know that the turbo wastegate valve has on a number of different posts been
> the culprit.  My question is was is the best way to articulate this to my
> mechanic (independent Audi master tech) who wants to "check out everything."
> I appreciate the fact that he would not want to replace a good part however
> I don't want to pay him to troubleshoot a problem which has alluded many
> mechanics (both Audi & independent) that he may not find.  Any "hard facts"
> (TSB etc..) that anyone knows of would be greatly appreciated.  TIA
> Alan Breitman

Mike is correct, at least on my '91 200 tq. Read the post and went out
and checked. Sure enough, the hose was half gone for a 4 inch stretch.
Replaced it and ran the new hose around the passenger side perimeter of
the engine bay to keep it away from the heat. So far it has not stalled
and seems to start easier as well as rev more freely.
'91 200 20v tq