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re: Dump on Shokan day...

All right, while we're trading war stories.  Nine years ago (!) my 83
5kt needed a new CV joint.  The used half shaft price at Shokan was
better than a new CV joint (they don't break the half shaft, had to buy
whole thing).  So I bought one, UPS COD Cash or Cert. only.  Arrived on
Friday, and Saturday I went to install it at a friend's shop.  Couldn't
get it in.  Turned out that the outer joint was frozen - heck, they
shipped in a box barely bigger than the shaft with about 2 sheets of
newspaper to protect it.  I called them right away.  Was told that for
"Customer Service" one had to call M-F between *9 and 9:15* AM!

Luckily it was my inner joint that was bad, so we performed the

Monday I call their friendly C.S. Department.  Did I forget to mention
that the 800 number was for orders only, you had to hold on your nickel
to talk to C.S.?  Like Jeff Goggin's experience, they thought I was
trying to scam them!  They wouldn't do anything to help me.  I called
UPS to file a shipping claim, which was tough because the shipper has to
do it not the receiver.  This would have resulted in a check to Shokan
if UPS had honored the claim.  But when UPS asked Shokan what was up,
Shokan told UPS that I was trying to rip them off!

I must add that two years ago I thought I had a bad alternator, bought
one used from Shokan to have on hand, turned out to be the wires to the
battery that were bad.  they took the alternator back in trade for a 120
mph speedo (I paid all shipping - it was my mistake), so they were ok
there.  Of course, it was a 75 A alt. they sent me, not a 90 like on my

Can I continue?  A few years back I needed a radiator (same 5kt) so I
called PAP.  They sent me a used radiator (COD, Cash..., Next Day Air)
which had its little tube thingies busted in shipping.  I send it back.
have to buy new one.  I paid ALL the shipping costs back and forth and
they got the claim settlement from UPS for the busted one.

It's so much nicer to deal with local yards (see before you buy...) and

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers


ignorance is only as powerful as the desire for bliss...