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Re: Euro light styles for the 4k, 4kq and coupe

Andrew Finney wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

> I have the H1/H4 euro Hellas on my UrQ and they definitely
> have side marker lights. They are clear and could be fitted with
> orange marker bulbs. As for the single bulb H4's I think they
> may be the flat style so they'll be less "aero" than the stock
> 1985-1987 US lights. I could be wrong but they are definitely
> flat for the UrQs. The H4/H1s are aero and fit perfectly with the
> '85's and newer grille. I used a grille from a '86 coupe when I
> went to the H4/H1's to give it the aero look.


Are these the ones that are fitted to the later 20v Urqs?

John C.

1983 Urq